Kaltos III

Plague Skies: The World- Welcome to Kaltos III

Plague Skies takes place upon the world of Kaltos III deep within The Koronus Expanse. A hellish wretched pit of a death world, Kaltos III functions as one of the countless mineral-rich environments used to fuel the Emperor’s vast war machine. Discovered to contain phosphate deposits within this planets vast swampland, imperial colonists settled to pull these precious compounds from the festering muck that filled the stagnant pools and flooded lowlands covering the majority of the surface.

Environment of Kaltos III

The planet is not unlivable, with a fully breathable, granted unpleasant, atmosphere and a slim variety of edible flora and fauna. Regardless, the natural landscape is ghastly and everything reeks with a cloying sulfurous odor that, as mentioned regularly by newcomers, even seems to permeate the residents themselves.
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Culture of Kaltos III

“Strike it rich and fucking ditch- a popular mantra heard on Kaltos III

With little in the way of hospitable and arable land, the population remains concentrated within the coastal city of Silon and a few fortified mining operations spread haphazardly across the main continent. Home to an estimated 10 million residents, the inhabitants of Kaltos III are a mishmash of prospectors, miners,and lowlife rabble; all looking to get a piece of the profit offered in the planets stinking sands. Few inhabitants are permanent residence of the death world, and fewer endure the grim environment for long. The inhabitants only stay on the planet long enough to make decent pay and then promptly ship themselves off to places far more pleasant; those who stay are either dead or too poor to leave.

This desperate atmosphere, along with the valuable resources found upon the planet, has created an often unstable society, with increasingly murder and crime rates as the years go on. Subsequently the necessity for a relatively large imperial guard force upon Kaltos III has been seen to, though many of those posted outside of Silon itself are little more than higher-level penal legions looking to work for freedom. The outer mining operations function as little more than police-watchmen states and gangs are rampant in the outlying prospectors outposts.

Kaltos III

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